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Sports Betting Investments Converts Sports Betting Into A Sports Investing System

With the skills of one of our advisors, you can turn sports betting into a High Yield Investment Program.

On the weekends, millions bet on Sporting Events.  They bet on a sporting team for their own reasons.  Often it's because they are fans of a particular team.  Or maybe the team is about to win since they lost 2 or 3 times in a row and there's a feeling of an impending win at any price.  Or they simply need to bet on the game in order for them to enjoy watching it.   


These reasons are not good reasons for betting on games.  It's the equivalent of buying shares of IBM because playing the market will make shopping for a computer more interesting.  Instead of betting on sports for the sake of gambling, there's a more intelligent way of doing it:  Gambling on sporting events as an alternative form of investing.  This makes more sense than you might initially think, and, done strategically, it's a great way to diversify your equity in investments.  While you don't understand why a stock goes up or down, the outcome of a sporting event is clear.  You know who won, you know who lost, you know more or less why they won, and you understand why your bet paid off or why it didn't.  Considering the underhanded and illicit practices that take place on Wall Street, sports betting looks to be a much cleaner way to invest your money.  

But if you're going to invest, take it seriously, and get your money in there as a means of generating profit rather than simply as a mode for making the games more exciting. If you choose to go the profit route, why not consider the sports betting equivalent of a portfolio manager to look after your sports betting investment and steer you in the right direction?  After all, the reason why there are a few winning sports bettors is because most of them can't win on their own and don't work with professionals who possess proven track records and the know how to pick teams that cover spreads.  You wouldn't trust your mutual funds to amateur investment advisors, for example your best friend Jim who has a good feeling about a particular security or stock and you shouldn't trust your sports betting money to amateurs either. 

Betting On Sports Is Much Clearer Than Betting On Stocks

How much do sports betting and stock market investing correlate?  Well just like when you Look at a company, picking a team is a all about coming up with a good evaluation and getting the right price. Everything does is all perceived value.  We calculate the risk/reward, determine what the real value is and make decisions based on that.  If the sports book puts the right number on a game, we don't bet it.  Easy for us, but not easy for the rest.

When betting sports in a Las Vegas casino, you are inadvertently going up against this particular guy (as he bets enough to actually move the lines) as much as you are going up against the sports book itself.  Beating him is the equivalent of trying to out fox Charles Schwab when buying stock.  Chances are that you won't be able to do it.  That's why smart sports bettors who view gambling as investing turn to our professional staff of analysts, insiders and planners to manage their betting portfolios.

But it will cost, just like a stock broker.  Sports Betting charges for their service, but the fee is much less than what a customer stands to win over the course of a football season. Considering the cost, you have to wonder what you get for the money.  In short, Sports Betting gives expert anlaysis of teams, games and inside information through different types of research that an individual would be hard pressed to incorporate into your betting regimen.  In fact, we provide levels of know how that often outdo the sports book managers in Las Vegas.  It's an approach that transforms random gambling into smart investing.  It turns a prayer of winning in the short run (with a secret acknowledgement that you'll ultimately lose) into an expectation of making money at the end of the NFL season - even if there are bumps along the way.  After all, winning 59% of your wagers, as Sports Betting Investments and our clients do over a season.  Yes, it means that you'll be losing 41% of the time.

In detail, which of course is what anyone would want before turning over money to a portfolio manager, whether it's for the stock market or the NBA Market or the NFL Market.  Here is what sharp sports betting advisors should be able to bring to the table if using other services.

WINNING TRACK RECORD  - Naturally, you want to align yourself with somebody who has a proven record of success.  When signing on with a portfolio manager, you would seek out a person who has had years of successful investing and regularly beats the NASDAC.  In working with a sports betting consultant, you should employ similar search criteria.  You want to align yourself with a  person who can prove positive results at beating the NFL.  Anyone can tell you that they win.  And anyone can win in hindsight, through the spreads and odds that are unrealistic.  You want to work with a sports betting consultant who is transparent in terms of the plays they advise their clients to make and can validate how many winners and how many losers he's had.  Just as importantly, you want to know that any sports betting consultant who is dishing out advice to you is also taking his own advice.  That is, if they are betting right alongside you, taking the same positions that they are advising you to take.

2012 example on College Football - 14 Weeks
We won 54.80% of the time.
$500 average a game sports bettor who followed our advice:  Netted $13,857.00 after our service fees.

OPEN DOOR POLICY - It's one thing to get good advice, but it's another thing to reach out and touch the person or company who's giving it to you.  You want them or their colleagues to be accessible. When you have a question or a concern, you don't want it to land in a voicemail box.  Since the name behind the sports-betting advisory is just a few key important people, make sure that you sign up with a group who has a deep support staff.  In the case of our company, for example, we have a staff devoted strictly to dealing with the needs of customers.  It's a seven-day per week business, and you want to make sure that somebody is there, everyday, in order to deal with you concerns as they arise.  Before signing up for a sports betting advisor, make sure that you understand the level of service and responsiveness that will be available to you.

SYSTEM - Make sure that your sports betting advisor has broad and advance capabilities for doing and getting research.  The whole point of working with an advisor is that he can crunch stats and get information in a way that you can't.  In the case of Sports Betting, we spend considerable sums to have statisticians analyzing numbers, inside sources providing him with advance information on teams and players, and a coterie of former athletes who review games with us and provide insights in how teams are performing.  Before we place a wager, we have details on more than 20 different factors for the side we are betting on.  If those factors fail to align, we don't make the wager and we don't advise our clients to make the wager either.  While nothing is ever a sure thing, by doing our research with this system prior to suggesting a pick, we come to the conclussion that it's statistically sensible before sending it out to our clients. This year we are unleashing a truly profitable 2014 March Madness betting system that will truly blow your mind when you see how much money it is making for our clients. We treat this business much like a hedge fund and use the tactics and means needd to be profitable day in and day out. We want you to be profitable as well but that takes a commitment on your end to join our winning team of expert sports analysts.

One final bit of advice:  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  If somebody guarantees a winning first week or brags about hitting 80% winners,run in the opposite direction.  Armed with this knowledge, picking an advisor  to help with your sports betting should be a relatively easy process.  Then all you have to do is stay focused, listen to the advice he gives, and begin wagering with your brain instead of your heart.  You may not be gambling on your favorite team anymore, but, over time, you will be investing in a continually expanding bankroll.